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Secondhand Resale Shop For Children's Items

Here in the kids' corner, we feature gently used and refurbished children's clothing, developmental items, toys, furniture, books, and miscellaneous accessories for children and childcare.

Each item is featured with two prices. The first price is the retail purchasing price for the item. The second price is the rental price. You will be charged the purchased price when placing an order with us.

With every order we will include a return shipping label so once you are done using your items you will be able to return them back to us to get the rental discount.

Once we get the items returned back to us you will get the difference of the purchasing and rental cost as a credit for your next order of items with us.

That way we ensure all of our items are getting as much use out of them as possible and then when they are no longer useable we plan to upcycle the items into something better, and then whatever is remaining we will ensure it is properly recycled or disposed of if absolutely necessary.

Products will be listed soon! 

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